Mercy Health Physician Partners Grand Rapids

Mercy Health Geriatrics

Mercy Health Geriatrics consists of a team of Primary Care Physicians, Internists, Geriatric Specialists and support staff that works in tandem to prevent and treat diseases and disabilities. They also promote healthy living to our elderly patients who reside in skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or those who remain at home under the supervision of caregivers.

Why is our Geriatric Care so special?

Seamless Care

Our comprehensive team provides seamless care to patients by sharing on-call responsibilities 24-hours a day, so there is never a time when your needs aren’t met. And, should specialty needs arise, our physicians coordinate your care among our network of subspecialists, including Orthopedists, Endocrinologists and Neurologists, as well as onsite lab and radiology services at many of our locations.

Contact our Geriatric Physician Group at 616-685-3330. Please note that this is a retirement community/facility-based practice only. Office appointments are not available. 

For patients residing at a nursing facility, calls and faxes should be made to the facility where the patient resides as this is where the medical records are kept.